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Second Youth

SECOND YOUTH "Glass Roof" 7 inch


This product is no longer in stock

8,00 €

Limited edition vinyl 
Only 100 copies 
Color : black
Artwork by Francesco Schiavi

Tracklist :

1. keep on dreaming 
2. how it was
3. glass roof


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Have you ever sat around with your friends talking about the music you grew up with? I know I have, many times, and this is what long-time friends and touring companions Dick Smith and Andre Suergiu have done, only they then thought why not write some songs like those we grew up listening to. Glass Roof is the end result and if like them you’re a fan of Tim Armstrong/Rancid, Social Distortion and Bouncing Souls then you’re in for a treat.

Title track Glass Roof is up first and has elements of Bad Religion along with aforementioned influences. The vocals are gruff and guitars buzz away in the background as it builds to the chorus with its repeated gang vocals “promise me, when I’m gone that you’ll still listen to our song”. An excellent start.

Keep On Dreaming strips the sound back but is little more than the filling between the first and last tracks. Talking of which, final track on this short three-track EP, How It Was is another catchy melodic number. Those influences are to the fore again with some bouncy bass lines and the backing vocals adding extra depth to the sound.

As a taster for a future full length album, which they hope to start recording on soon, this whets the appetite and I shall definitely be keeping both an eye and ear on Second Youth. 

Review by Lee Morton