Vinyl : 300 copies, black one-sided 12" vinyl with screenprinted b-side
CD : 300 copies

Europe / Italy : Epidemic Records, Indiebox Music
United States : Paper + Plastick Records

Tracklist : 
01. Zero 
02. Juvenile 
03. Morons 
04. Blue


Second Youth is back with a new EP called “Juvenile”, featuring a blast of Cali-style punk rock!
“Zero”, “Juvenile”, “Morons”, and “Blue” show how this band is getting the most of their own second youth. With awareness, romanticism, and great story telling, the four piece is no less than the bigger names in the genre. Their melodies will disarm you and hit you right in the heart. Get ready for another small yet big masterpiece by Second Youth!

Second Youth was born in 2015 thanks to the union of Dick Smith and Andrè Suergiu, two best friends and tour mates for years. It all began when the two spent a night remembering all the bands they grew up with, musically and personally, in the 90s and early 2000s. They decided to get in the studio and record the songs they wished they had played when they were younger, hence the name of the band, Second Youth.

This band is inspired by that time of your life when nothing matters but the music coming out of your stereo. Veterans in life and on the road, you’ll find them playing their signature melodic and catchy punk rock, filled with sing-alongs like it used to be in the 90s. came out worldwide digitally via Uncle M Records and and vinyl via Anchors Aweigh Records. Thanks their first EP, “Glass Roof”, they've shared stage with bands such as Flatliners, Such Gold, and Slander.

They put out two singles/videos in the Summer 2017, “On and On” and “You Haunt Me”. “Dear Road” their first full length, came out on March 9th 2018 thanks to the efforts of Indiebox Music and Demons Run Amok. The release was initially promoted by the first single “Friday Night”, which came out as a video on Youtube and audio on Spotify and Itunes. “Dear Road” lead Second Youth to appearances at some of the best Italian festivals, with bands such as Antiflag, Derozer, Dropkick Murphys, Agnostic Front, Booze and Glory.